Tobias P. Cactus
File:Toby cheerleading.png
File:Toby holding a book.png
File:Toby as a cactus.png
Vital statistics
Position Good
Age 9
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Tobias P. "Toby" Cactus is a supporting character in Stella and Sam. He is a student in Mrs. Bernstein's class at Frosty Star Elementary. His first appearance was in "The Third," when he became Sam's friend for ten dollars. He was given many redesigns in Season 2, including eyebrows, a smaller string, and recolored black pens. Toby was a balloon, until he was revealed to be a cactus, as in "The Shell".


Toby appears to used to be a balloon. Most of his body was colored white, but the lower part was black, and his top head part was blue. He had a normal sized mouth with pen lips. He wore a string like the others in his family, and he wore black holes as shoes.

In "The Shell," like many other characters, such as Principal Reese and Stella, the shell that he has on his shell is cracked, so he won't look like a balloon for his live and decides to be a cactus the rest of his live.


  • He is one of the many child characters in the series that is voiced by an adult, namely Kate Micucci in the entire series, respectively.
  • Toby may have won The Dumb Race in "The Goons," along with Sam.
  • He is named after Tobi Cactus, one of the show's writers.
  • Unlike most other characters, Toby (as a cactus) only has 2 hands.
  • In an early concept poster, Toby was originally going to have no lips.
  • In the online PC game Spit Ball Wars, Toby has a completely different design.

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