Elizabeth "Stella" Christina Bocquelet
Vital statistics
Position Good
Age 9
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Stella (formerly Elizabeth) Christina Bocquelet (born January 9, 2002)  is the main character of Stella and Sam. She is most enjoyable for being best friends with her brother Sam. She is perhaps best known for falling in love with Toby.


Stella has red hair and wears a yellow shirt, blue jeans and white shoes.


Stella is always clever and awesome. She helps everyone in Frosty Star.



Images She hangs out with her "bro-bro" Sam.


Stella is in love with Toby.

Mrs. BernsteinEdit

Everyone hates Mrs. Bernstein, except Stella.



  • Stella says she is always buck-lined and weighty object.
  • For her voice actress's 18th birthday, there was a drawing of Stella giving the birthday cake to Chloe.

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