Since the show is rated TV-Y7-FV, Sprout has censored or edited some episodes containing TV-PG material, unlike Astroblast, Poppy Cat, LazyTown, Zou, The Chica Show, and Tree Fu Tom which displays similar material in this channel.

Original TrailerEdit

  • The part where Owen screams after Sam falls on the dumpster was cut.

Original ThemeEdit

  • The opening theme song is shortened to a length of 30 seconds.

Season 1Edit

"The Goons"Edit

  • The title was removed for unknown reasons.

Season 2Edit

"The Skull"Edit

  • The scene where the boys use shock therapy to stop lying was cut.

"The Storm"Edit

  • Stella says "coward" instead of "bimbo" when berating Toby.

Season 3Edit

"The Saint"Edit

  • The scene with Toby flipping through pictures of Stella kissing people has a brief scene with him kissing Fred cut. Despite this, it is still viewable in a few frames.